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2020 ASDA Board of Directors

President:Heath North1 Year Term
1st Vice-President:Caleb Wall1 Year Term
2nd Vice-President:Frank Groves1 Year Term
Secretary/Treasurer:Dara Bigger, Staff
State Plant Board Rep:Marty Eaton2 Year Term (Jan 2020 - Jan 2022)

Brian Murray, Jan 2018-Jan 2021
Jim Bigger, Jan 2018-Jan 2021
David Bigger, Jan 2018-Jan 2021

Chad Duckworth, Jan 2019-Jan 2022
Alex Kehrees, Jan 2019-Jan 2022
Jared Fannon, Jan 2019-Jan 2022

Michael Smith, Jan 2020-Jan 2023
Marty Eaton, Jan 2020-Jan 2023
Billy Maddox, Jan 2020-Jan 2023

Seed Council (2 year term, selected by President)
Michael Smith, Jan 1, 2020-Dec 31,2021
Corey Dildine, Jan 1, 2019-Dec 31,2020

Arbitration (4 year term, elected)
Lee Hughes, Mar 2018-Mar 2022
Alternate: Jim Bigger, Mar 2018, Mar 2022

Southern Seed Association Representative (3 year term)
(Can serve 2 terms + 2 more years if served as an officer)
Heath North, Jan 1, 2020-Dec 31, 2022

GMO Rice Advisory Group (ASPB)
Jim Bigger (2 year term)

Rice Council
Caleb Wall, Jan 2017-Dec 2020

Arkansas Agriculture Alliance (2018)
Chad Duckworth/Heath North, alternate (2 year term)

2020 Committee Assignments
Audit: Terry Fuller, Marty Eaton, Michael Smith
Membership: David Bigger, Marty Eaton, Freddie Ligon, Jared Fannon
Legislative: David Bigger, Stacey Bruff, Marty Eaton
Nomination: Corey Dildine, Michael Smith, Heath North
Publicity: Lee Hughes, Brian Murray, Corey Dildine
Convention Committee: Michael Smith, Heath North, Caleb Wall
Golf (sub-group of Convention Committee): Lee Hughes, Heath North
Scholarship: Chad Duckworth, Jim Bigger, Brian Murray, Corey Dildine, Caleb Wall, Alex Kehrees
Technology: Marty Eaton, Mary Smith, Frank Groves
Allocation of Foundation Seed: Corey Dildine, Michael Smith